Ownership and Management

Wives Unlimited Cleaning Services was established in 1980. Lori Timms of Victoria purchased the company in 1985. Terry Taylor (also a native of Victoria) is our current General Manager and client scheduling specialist.

Name: Lori Timms
Position: Owner
Areas of expertise : Public relations and an eye to detailed cleaning
Years of experience:
Back when I was a youngster, cleaning was a part of our weekly activities and strictly enforced. So I would have to say 40 plus years.
Diplomas and accreditations:
What do you bring to the team?
You would have to ask my staff…i hope fairness, as I truly appreciate the efforts made by my staff.
Why did you choose this field of work?
Actually, I wanted to open a coffee shop. The rest remains a secret.
Cleaning tip:
I love to use the mighty toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach areas such as taps, edges of sinks, washer lids etc.

Name: Terry Taylor
Position: General Manager
Areas of expertise:
Residential cleaning, client bookings, client +staff communications, staff scheduling, knowing the specific needs of our elderly clients
Years of experience: Over 20 years
Diplomas and accreditations:
Grade 12
What do you bring to the team?
A very positive willingness to meet the specific needs of clients and staff. I make myself available to answer any questions or concerns of staff or clients.
Why did you choose this field of work?
I’m the eldest of 4 children, and both my parents worked. I helped with the household cleaning. After I married, and had 3 kids, it seemed natural for me to go into cleaning. I love people and I love helping them. A lot of our clients need an extra pair of hands as their busy work lives don’t leave them time to clean, or due to poor health they can’t do it themselves.
Cleaning tip:
Use magic erasers to remove soap scum in tubs/shower & door glass.