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Cleanup Recovery for Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is considered a sign of obsessive compulsive personality disorder or “OCPD.” It has been estimated that upwards of 5% of the world’s population displays clinical traits of compulsive hoarding.

Although hoarding can begin quite benignly in childhood with a simple collection of items, a dramatic life event or tragedy can lead to a worsening of the behaviour. Although hoarding behaviour can affect people of all ages, the average age of those seeking treatment is around 50.

What are the Signs of Compulsive Hoarding?
Signs of compulsive hoarding may include the following:

A primary sign of hoarding is in the collection of items that appear useless or contain no intrinsic value, including newspapers, magazines, containers, plastic bags, boxes, and unworn clothing. Some may hoard garbage, rotten food, animals, or more rarely, human waste products.

Over time, these items can overtake rooms, keeping an individual or family from using their living spaces as intended. This can often lead to distress, as well as problems with day-to-day activities.

Beyond its inconvenience, severe clutter can threaten the health and safety of those who reside in or near the home, causing health problems, structural damage, fire and even death.

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